“Choose your friends with caution; plan your future with purpose, and frame your life with faith.” – Thomas S. Monson

Regardless of one’s station in life, the one consistency to all of our inner circles is that it represents people that are very significant to us for whatever reason(s). It can be nearly impossible to get into the inner circles of people of great power and responsibility because with that post comes a high risk of damage that would be caused by someone violating the trust within that circle.  Consequently, in our own ways and in our own places, we tend to be very protective of our circles. Successful people generally agree that consciousness is contagious and that exposure to people who are more successful has the potential to expand your thinking and catapult your income. We become like the people we associate with, and that’s why winners are attracted to winners.

Do you actively take account of who is in your circle? Believe it or not, who is in your circle will determine how your future unfolds.

We have all heard the typical “you are who you surround yourself with”, but it is not just a phrase that parents’ use when they are concerned about who their children are friends with. We should actively be aware of who is in our circles and siphon out those who do not represent who we are or who we WANT to be. I have done a lot of siphoning and granted, there are not too many people who are left in that inner-circle, but that is solely because of my choosing. My time and money are very precious, therefore I am very meticulous with whom I spend my time with. If I am not working or building to make money, I do not want to be using those free moments to waste time talking about trivial things like the Kardashians or sports highlights. If the conversation is not allowing me to grow as a person, it is not worth my time.

You too should ensure that every moment of yours is well spent, so if that means cutting off or limiting the amount of time spent with certain individuals, then so be it. Those who have an issue with it and are butthurt should have no influence on your decision. Unfortunately, the majority of people want to go work a 9-5, come home and drink beer while watching football highlights. You want something different so you will have to hang around those who are different.

There are friends who help you and then there are friends who ultimately will not go anywhere in life. Friends like the latter carry some if not all of these traits:

  1. They complain about their job that they hate
  2. They blame their government or upbringing for where they are in life
  3. They consider rich people to be snobbish and buddies with the Devil
  4. They look forward to retirement in their 60’s and living off their RRSP
  5. They believe their fate was sealed from the moment they were born
  6. They believe that their race or religion prohibits them from becoming successful
  7. They pray for the day they win the lottery
  8. They pray to God hoping that He gives them riches but doesn’t actively try to earn more money
  9. They think it is immoral and impossible to earn heavy sums of money

Do any of these ring any bells when you read them? Does anybody come to mind? If so, if you are serious about  catapulting your wealth, you need to drop these people IMMEDIATELY. The friend’s that you have around you should lift you higher. When you succeed, they should congratulate you, not insist on telling you that you got lucky. If you are interested in buying an exotic or luxury car, they should give you props, not insist that you are begging for attention. When you tell your friend that you are devoted to attaining wealth, they should encourage you, not ask you “who do you think you are?”. These are the kinds of people that you need in your life. Any other person should have no say, nor should their opinions hurt you in any shape or form. The wealthy do not associate only with other wealthy people because they are assholes. They associate with one another because they know that negative energies and negative people bring about OTHER negative energies and people. Soon enough, another negative thing will be their bank accounts.

Think about the circle you have around you and determine whether or not they exemplify who you are or not.

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.