“I’m a grown woman. The haters are definitely wrong if they think I care.” – Christina Milian

A lot of the times online, we see all the positives of being wealthy and successful. What is seldom ever spoken about are the negatives that come along with being prosperous in your life. As you will find out, it can be lonely at the top. You think differently, your priorities are different, how you spend your money and time are different; it basically takes a lot to find people who are just like you – that is why so many run toward conferences and other social gatherings for the wealthy and entrepreneurial folk.

A majority of the world think that they are unable to achieve their goals, so most do not attempt to. The very few (probably 1% of the population) who actually believe in themselves learn quickly that the 99% of the population around them will not share their happiness. As you have probably witnessed in your own life, when a sports car comes down the block, there is usually someone who is saying “that guy is probably a crook”. Or if it is a female driving they say things like “I wonder who she had to sleep with to get that” or “who’s her Sugar Daddy?”. These claims are completely idiotic, but hatred will come because of a few reasons. Here are three…

It reminds them that they caved to fear, uncertainty, and pressure – and they gave up

Imagine going to a high school reunion 15 years after graduation. You run into a group of friends surrounding one guy. Now this guy graduated the same year as you and from the same neighborhood as you. He went to a normal university and was aggressive towards his personal goals. He tells the group (and you) how he has a software business he started with a friend and he personally brings home over $400,000 a year and has four exotic cars, one for every season. You look inwards and think to yourself “I went to school with this guy, we went to the same university. This guy lived in the same neighborhood as me. What did he do that I didn’t? What makes him so special?”. This is where self-hatred comes from. Individuals like this think about how they had their own aspirations that they thought were unrealistic, so they stuck to the conventional road of going to university, then to a stable job – ultimately making a conventional salary and living an average life. These people hate seeing that people’s dreams actually come true. They hate realizing that they too could have had it all if they actually stuck to their guns and sacrificed. As you probably know, most people are not willing to sacrifice, and therefore will not get unimaginable profits or an unbelievable lifestyle. They were afraid of missing out on their young years and being judged by their friends.

They were taught to hate the wealthy 

A lot of times, friends and family would love to support you, only if they knew how to. Unfortunately, most of the Western society (especially in the working-class) are taught to be content with where they are financially and hate those who aspire for more or have more than them. They see you as someone who cheated their way to wealth and they believe that you probably have not one moral bone in your body. These ideas are bred from usually their familiar surroundings in the home. Their fathers usually work dead-end jobs, and their mothers are usually doing the same. In contrast, many middle-class and upper-class families have the father being self-employed or working in a white-collar field, and the mothers usually work from home, work also in white-collar fields, or don’t have to work at all. Those who come from financially lacking family situations tend to despise those who are not also in that caliber. It all comes down to upbringing and exposure.

They feel inferior around you 

The final reason is one many people who despise you will try to refute but will agree to; they simply feel like they are below you. We see it on television all the time; the elites. Those who we can only see from a distance but can never sit amongst. They are the royals, without even being crowned. Most people glamorize these individuals and therefore never believe that they can get to their level. Granted, you may not have $30M in your checking account, but the fact that you believe you soon may terrify them. Another reason why they feel inferior around you is that your interests and pastimes are not like theirs. They usually enjoy playing Pokemon Go or watching television day and night where you couldn’t possibly imagine yourself spending countless hours on a video game that brings no value to your life. The lack of similarities, as you will see, will bring many people to despise you, but so be it. You aren’t meant to please everyone, and everyone isn’t meant to please you; its life.

Now you’re probably wondering where the “F— You” fits into this. Well, let me tell you. When you have anyone who opposes what you enjoy doing with your life (be it work-related or leisure), you tell them to straight up “fuck you”! Your life is your life so never let the opinions of those who don’t pay your bills take away your sleep. Any human being who has the time to hate on someone is clearly bored or have no aspirations of their own. I would be damned if I had to address someone about what they are doing. I’m so focused on my own lane that I couldn’t give a damn what the next man is doing. If I’m not congratulating someone for what they are doing, my mouth is shut. So many people take the time to hate on people doing something with themselves. I know a guy who is doing awesome things in his life, getting paid abundantly, and is living care free. Instead of congratulating or praising him, a guy I met instead bashed him and said that he’s not as good at his work as he seems to be. These are the types of people that will never succeed, because they don’t want anyone to succeed. The universe is a powerful being. Put positivity in it, you will get  the same in return. Give it negativity and you are destined for a terrible life. Stay true to your goals and shun anyone who’s got a problem with it.

Until next time, Live Long and Prosperous.