Hi all,

I have been away for almost a month and I have a justifiable reason. My girlfriend and I are avid investors (even in our oh-so-very-young age). We still work part-time jobs while we are in school, but we want to maximize our dollars to its greatest extent. We are constant high-end shoppers who don’t say no to a nice purse or a fancy watch. In understanding that, we have decided to go a year without spending on “wants”, but only “needs”. This means, reducing the amount that we spend on fast food, clothing, leisure, and a plethora of unnecessary expenditures for ONE WHOLE YEAR.

Our hopes for this project are to invest as much money as we can, train ourselves to value every dollar, and hopefully to increase or net worth heavily in order to keep up with our plan for our multi-millionaire statuses by 30.

We had the opportunity to be covered in the second largest newspaper in Canada, The Globe & Mail. I also had the opportunity to be interviewed LIVE the very next day on The Tasha Kheiriddin Show on AM640, outlining what my goals were for this venture, as well as background information on my ebook.

So, this is what I have been doing for the past month: investing, studying, a radio show, and a news article. I hope that you all will be interested in following my monthly updates of our adventure that will be full of struggle, pressure, pain, and success; starting January 1st to December 31st of 2017. I will be ending the year of 2016 with a bottle of Dom Perignon overlooking the CN Tower on New Year’s Eve, celebrating this new venture and a new beginning!

Until next time, Live Long and Prosperous.