“Don’t blame Wall Street, don’t blame the big banks. If you don’t have a job and you are not rich, blame yourself!” – Herman Cain

Let me be honest with you. If you think I’m going to baby you in these posts, I’ll be changing your mind in this post…

Our society (especially this year) has become a nation of whiners and complainers. We have people who get angry about not getting the job they want, blaming the fact that their poor on the government, and getting defensive when anyone tries to give them insight on the fact that NO ONE CARES.

No one cares that you feel like everything is against you or that you can never win or achieve what you wish you could accomplish. No one cares at all. The reason why no one cares is that they have their own problems to deal with. There is a GRANDE amount of people who complain about their lives but refuse to do anything substantial to change their living condition. They have been trained by media and many liberal ideologies that if their life isn’t going as planned, it is someone else’s fault. If they’re not getting hired at the job they want, it is because the employer is racist. If they are not getting paid as they wish they could, it’s because the government has too low a minimum wage. If they can’t afford to buy the things they want, it’s because they aren’t getting enough assistance from the government. Everything in THEIR lives is the fault of SOMEONE ELSE.

The reason why you are living a crappy life is because of this…shh, don’t let anyone hear…you have CRAPPY HABITS.

Stop expecting someone to wipe your ass whenever your arm is sore. Stop expecting someone to let you breeze through life without any struggles. Stop wishing for a change and make shit happen! When you depend on someone to fix your life, you will always live a poor life. This is the same reason that on average, when you work a 9-to-5, expecting to get paid by an employer for the hours you work, you will always be poor. Get off your ass and take control of your life. No one will be there for you if you are struggling, so why hope that someone will always be there with crutches?

The greatest individuals who have achieved all the things they desired, be it wealth, technological, or social, all took the first step and decided to take control of their own destiny. Yes, many will say that there are plenty of people who just take their parents’ wealth and use it to achieve what they want. But, trace their history backwards and you will see that someone decided to stop being a pacified adult but rather stand up and grab life by the balls and make it their own.

Think about it, most of your parents came from another country. Do you think it was easy for them to leave their comfort zone of their home and fly across the world to a foreign land? I bet you it wasn’t. Do you think they were afraid of the unknown? Most definitely. But they knew anything would be better than where they were living and they got up and left. Most people don’t even have the courage to “get up”. They would rather be spoon fed and told what to do by the media, their employers, their leaders – everyone but their own self. And, no one cares more about you than you. So to expect any leader or employer to have your best interest at heart is a Disney dream. Strap up your boots, wake up, get up and take your life to the next level. No more sitting around. Because before you know it, everyone around you will be successful and you will still be wondering if you can ask your manager to book off work for your child’s birthday.

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.