So, America may be stepping foot into a new paradigm shift. Whether you like it or not, Billionaire, Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America. During his entire campaign, people bashed him, cursed him, laughed and scolded him, and then stood in shock when he surpassed Hillary Clinton in electoral votes ( Trump received 279 electoral college votes to Clinton’s 218). No matter the outcome, life still goes on. But what does this mean for you? What can you learn from this experience? Well here are few quick things.

1. There Are Some Things That You Cannot Control

As humans, sometimes we forget that we do not have the upper hand at everything that happens in the world. For months, the liberal media has tried to turn Donald Trump into a demon. Twitter, Instagram, and every possible media outlet ensured that Donald Trump would not be one of the popular vote. Regardless of whether or not you voted for Donald Trump or not, Trump got the majority in the electoral college vote, even though he lost in the popular vote. Riots took place and fights broke out, but everyone had to go home at the end and suck it up.

In our own personal lives, there are some things that we just have to accept. If you get fired from your job, debating with your employer 9 times out of 10 will not result in you getting your job back. If you are walking down the street and it begins to rain, if you did not carry an umbrella, you will get soaked. Scream, bitch and moan all you want. When you get home, you will be drenched and you will have to deal with it. Accept what IS and change the future, not try and change the past.

2. What You Expect To Happen Sometimes Doesn’t Happen

There were hundreds of polls done by professionals and respectable media outlets that had Hillary Clinton as the popular one to win the election. Americans had no doubt in their mind that they would have their first female president. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. I had even seen online pictures of tattoos with Hillary Clinton’s face on it with “45th President of the United States” wrapped around her head. Those individuals did not expect the unexpected and their bodies and bank accounts suffered the consequences.

When we plan our futures, we expect everything to go as planned. From graduating college or university with honors to buying our first homes in a particular area for a certain price. This is when life tends to hit us with a reality check that in life, we get hit with curveballs. We either prepare for it and hit a home run or we hit strikes and grab a bench. It is always smart to have a detailed plan, but be prepared to rearrange your process. Never make permanent decisions in regards to a future that you may or may not completely achieve.

3. The Popular Person Isn’t Necessarily The Right Person

Don’t leave me death threats, but this can be pertaining to both Hillary and Trump. Both candidates have positives and negatives about them; that is why you vote for the person MOST in tune with your ideologies, not who is your carbon copy. Right now, we are basing Trump off of what he has said throughout his campaign – from building a wall to deporting all illegal immigrants. As of late, he is retracting and configuring his statements. There is no reason as to why we should criticize who Donald Trump is because he has never been president before. Anyone with common sense knows that anyone running for any position will say what will resonate with their supporters and then change the script once they win their desired position. It’s called politics.

In our own lives, think about those who are in a powerful position. It can be your boss, a parent, a supervisor, a president, a leader, whosoever. Just because they hold a high position, it does not mean that everything they say and do is right. Think about all the managers for banks and hedge funds that get arrested after they are found to be doing illegal actions within their company. A gold crown or a large bank account does not equate to correctness. Do not be afraid to critique those in power. Without your known critical analysis, those in power will be more willing to break the rules and get a power trip because they know that no one has the balls to stand up to them.

All in all, take these next four years of  a Trump presidency to evaluate how you veiw your life and view those in power. Are they the ones in power or are you? Are you trying to control the things in which you cannot? Are you wasting time complaining about what already is, rather than what you can change for the future? Take notice of your priorities and realize your capabilities but also your limitations.

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.