“Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it. ” – Robert Kiyosaki

You have probably heard the phrase ‘everyone’s got a price’ before in your life at some point. In essence, it is true. In this case, how much would you need to make annually from your non-salary income to be financially free? Many say $100,000, some say $1,000,000, a few will even choose a humbling number of $50,000. Regardless of what the number is, there is still indeed a number.

If you are actively trying to achieve that mystical number, what steps have you taken? Some are saving incrementally from their day job, some are investing, and some are even dabbling in illegal activities in order to find their self-made pensions (stay on the legal side guys).  What age are you aiming for? 30? 40? 50? That is also up to you and will tailor your route.

Here are three ways in which nearly anyone can work towards being financially free by 40.

Minimalising/Simplifying Your Life

When you think of buying your first car, what comes to mind? A Honda or a Porsche? If you said Honda, this can work for you. Simplifying your needs and wants works wonders when you are aiming to retire decades early. This will be the leading determination as to whether you need $50,000 of income a year or $500,000 of income a year (both of which are attainable). Nowadays, many of us are obsessed with having physical possessions in order for us and others to see ourselves as more prestigious. You may want a specific car, watch, home, membership, or even partner because it is a tangible statement of what you want people to see you as.

The thousands of dollars that you will be saving by being a minimalist and simplified person will allow you to enjoy life the way you want to when you decide to retire. Once you strip away your ego and focus on loving yourself and not on what others perceive you as your mind will open up and you will notice that you don’t need to drive that Lamborghini to work while you make $20 an hour.

1:2 Ratio

This is a fundamental way that I am aiming to master and exceed as we speak. What this 1:2 Ratio is referring to is the idea that for every part-time, full-time, or salary job you have, a part of each paycheck should go towards at LEAST two wealth creating systems. These systems could be a savings account for real estate investing, stocks, a mutual fund, your business – whatever is under the sun.

The reason why this is so important is that you should always pay yourself first. Before you pay your bills, fund your future. The younger you are and the more seeds you plant, the longer you have for building interest and compounding those savings and earnings. Many millennials forget that tomorrow will come, so they barely pay their bills, live on credit, and blow their entire paychecks. Unfortunately, a majority of these individuals will be working until 65 and looking forward to a potentially extinct pension. Why not build your own pension from now?

Find Your Passion and Purpose

I know this sounds cliche, but there is money to be made when you find what you are meant to do in this world. When asked ‘what was the reason you became so wealthy?’, many millionaires and billionaires claim that they were passionate about their business or job, etc. They never say how they found their passions though!

In my opinion, as I am positive that I have found my passions, in order to find your passions, you need to get out of your comfort zone. If you are in post-secondary education and you are only taking courses in one field of study, take a few courses that are completely different from your major. If you always travel to Cuba or Jamaica, take a trip to somewhere completely random. If you have had the same group of friends from youth, go to a random bar or library and stir up a conversation with someone. You will be surprised at all of the things that you could learn from just stepping outside of that box that you have created for yourself. This, my friend, is a way to find your passion. Out of this, you may have a business idea or have a way of giving back that will eventually enable you to retire and fully enjoy your new found passions – which means you are no longer working, you are now LIVING.

These are just three ways out of the hundreds of ways to retire early. It does not have to be at 40 years-old. It can be any age with any amount of money. The main thing to get here is that if there is a desire, there is a way to achieve it. Never give up, educate yourself, and take chances. The rocket will never go up if you don’t light it from beneath. Take advantage of your youth and manage your own destiny.

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.


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