“Never stop investing. Never stop improving. Never stop doing something new.” – Bob Parsons

There are a plethora of ways to invest nowadays. You could buy stocks, rent out property, invest in oil, etc. I have started investing in a way that not only allows me to be my own bank but also prepares me for any sort of economic downturn. 

What way am I talking about?

Buying bullion. 

 Bullion is in essence physical silver, gold, platinum, copper, etc. If you read one of my older posts, you would know that before fiat currency (paper bills), there was gold and silver. These two metals were used as a means of payment for hundreds of years. 

Our current core fiat currency (the U.S. dollar) isn’t worth the hairs on your chin. The U.S. is in so much debt, and since they are off the gold standard as well as quantitative easing (printing money), the value of the USD isn’t worth anything. 

Gold and silver have already started back as currency in parts of the world. Let’s take a look at Venezuela. 

What is being said right now is that one ounce of physical silver will buy 3-6 months of groceries in Venezuela – which their economy has collapsed, hyperinflation, social unrest, etc. For this example, let’s say it’s 3 months. Simple math would be, 4 ounces of silver will buy you 1 year of food. 

This is not too far from happening in America. The direction the U.S. has been going for the past decade, fiat currency might be good for a bookmark in the coming years. 

Aside from that scary potential situation, buying bullion is great because you are storing your wealth that can be traded or sold for fiat currency at any time.

I own a lot of bullion bars. 1/4 is gold, and the remaining is all silver. If I for whatever reason need $5,000 for something, I can open my safe, grab a couple gold bars, go to my nearest dealership, and walk out with CASH.

No bank needed. 

This is power. This is what the wealthy do. They may have money in the bank, but I bet you that isn’t even a majority of their wealth. They store their wealth in what matters most, cold-hard bars! 

When you are in control of your wealth and you can watch it grow (because gold and silver prices go up and down by the ounce), no one can tell you anything. You want to buy a house and need $20,000 for a down payment? Sell some gold and silver. You want a trip to Monaco? Sell some gold and silver. 

This is true wealth. The value of fiat currency is too sketchy and it is becoming less valuable as time progresses.

I urge you, do your research, watch youtube videos on people who have done it already, save your money, buy bullion, let its value grow, and become wealthy. We may still have fiat currency in the future, but buy bullion now, sit tight, wait for an economic downturn, watch the value of your bullion skyrocket, sell it all, and sit pretty for generations to come. 

Don’t depend on gold stocks. You may own shares but if the stock market shuts down, you don’t own jack. Buy PHYSICAL gold. 

Think long-term guys. The most millionaires are made during economic strife, prepare yourself for an opportunity. 

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.


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