“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Have you ever taken the time to criticize and analyze what you do and why you do it? Who you hang around? The decisions you make? Well, it matters more than you think.

If you fall into any of these five signs, it doesn’t mean you are doomed to failure, it only means you have some things to work on. Assuming you are flawless is the first step to failure. But to be humble and willing to critique yourself already puts your characteristics amongst the greatest to ever build wealth.

You Accept Being A Subordinate 

Right now, you are most likely a part-time or full-time employee. Therefore, you have a manager or someone who oversees what you do. How do you feel amongst these people? Do you feel inferior when they speak to you? Do you get an unnerving feeling when you want to ask them for a day off or a particular request?

If so, expect to never be taken seriously by those who could take you farther in your career. Respect those who manage you but do not feel as if they are greater than you. Don’t pretend to feel confident amongst them either if you truly don’t feel that way – your energies will be more of a revelation to them than anything you could say.

Depending On A 401k/RRSP

When you are in a career (and sometimes even a part-time job), you may be required to contribute to your legal retirement fund. Do you look forward to retirement in order to get that passive income in your old age? If so, you most likely will be living an average life.

Without some sort of drive to achieve more than the traditional cookie-cutter life (School-work-retire), you won’t be motivated to do more than what those around you are doing. With that comes complacency and satisfaction with mediocrity. Anyone can work a 9-5, but can everyone run a business and stay above water during a crisis? I think not.

You Are Pessimistic About Life

When you apply for a job, do you already assume that your weight, age, credentials, or race may stop your interviewer from wanting to hire you?

When friends ask about your future goals, how many can you recall off the top of your head?

If you do not see your future being bright, an average life may be what’s coming to you. So many people think that they are meant to work and just be satisfied with that because to ask for more is selfish.

What’s really selfish is being born in a country with opportunity and not taking advantage of that opportunity while you have it to better yourself and your family.

Poor Choice Of Friends

Do your friends talk about business ideas, inventions, or anything that is progressive and thought provoking? Or do they talk about pop culture and the drama amongst your social group? If your friends are the latter…you know already.

Your chosen group of friends says a lot about who you are – as much as you may hate it. The people that naturally gravitate to you and stay are usually people that see themselves in you.

My closest friends have the same goals and mindset as myself. That has shaped many of friendships into potential business opportunities.

Those whom I speak with occasionally are those who are all about fun and games – I don’t mesh with them, therefore, our conversations and interactions are short-lived. Choose your friends wisely and see how you start to change yourself.

You Are Close-Minded

I didn’t want to phrase this last one like that because scammy pyramid scheme members always try to get you in by asking if you’re “open-minded”…

But, being open-minded is necessary for the more logical opportunities in life. If you are close-minded, you are refusing to learn about things outside of your circle of competence. You may have gotten a degree in computer science but I still think getting an understanding of taxes is just as important. It’s essentially the difference between you bringing home $200,000 from your salary to keep and bringing home $150,000 after taxes.

By being open to learning, you will be absorbing so many different things in life that when an opportunity is floating by, you will be prepared not only to take advantage of it, but you will be able to even see that it’s there.

Being close-minded has hindered the successes of so many people. With the internet available but to nearly everyone, learning should be as second nature as breathing, and I think we all love to breathe.

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.


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