“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” – Confucius

Yesterday I spoke about the 5 signs that you will have an average life. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t also provide you with 5 signs that you will have an excellent life. Here are a few that I see in myself and in others who are on the pathway to success. 

You Have Other Incomes At A Young Age 

This one is an obvious one. If you are a student or a young adult and you are making money from various businesses while you are in school or working a part-time job, you will most likely grow to excellence.

This is not because you are making money, but rather, you are doing what most students don’t have – real life experience. You have dealt with banks in your business, you have learned how to find customers, you have catered to those customers, and most importantly, you may have made mistakes (the best lesson out there).

You Take Accountability

If you are the type who is quick to take accountability for everything that happens around you, you are destined for greatness. Most of the people in this world refuse to take accountability for anything in their lives. If they are jobless, it’s because of their race and bad luck. If they have no money in their savings, it’s because their employers aren’t paying them enough. These sorts of people will never be successful.

Nobody cares about why you aren’t achieving anything in your life, nor do they care about why you didn’t follow through. What matters is that you failed them and you refuse to take accountability. If you take accountability, people will trust you more and will be willing to work with you.

You Are Action-Oriented 

Are you the type of person who sees an opportunity then immediately jumps on it? If so, you are destined for excellence. Why? You are capable of seeing future potential by an action taken right now. Many people see an opportunity then make excuses as to why they can’t take advantage of it right now. Then they’ll be the ones talking about that time they “could” have been a successful person. Don’t be this person. 

You Think Long-Term

This one is crucial. There is no investment that gives you 100% return in a day. The greatest things take time. It took you 9 months to be made. It took my parents nearly a year for their home to be made. Trees do not grow from a seed to a fruit-bearing product in a day.

You are destined to be a fruit-bearing tree but you must be willing to be a seed, then be willing to be a frail stem, then a tall tree with no fruit for years. After you can withstand those few years of no fruits, you will then be deserving of bearing fruit.

You Are Constantly Improving Yourself 

The greatest individuals are never static. Think about Mark Cuban, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, etc. I promise you, their thinking from 20 years ago is definitely not the same as it is today. 

If you are always caught reading something new and you’re always improving and upgrading your knowledge, you will be successful. By being in a constant state of improvement, you are able to be ahead of the pack. When the news broadcasts something apparently “new”, you would have already known because you are your own source of information, you are not fed information. 

These are only a few ways that show your potential for excellence. If you know others that you think should have been on this list, comment below.

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.


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