“Most people want to see you do better, but not doing better than them” – London Mond

For those of you who aren’t already wealthy, have you ever imagined how your life would be with a few million dollars? I’m sure you have. There, although, is a downfall to making a lot of money. Even when you are starting to make a lot of money, socially, you are seen very differently than when you were broke or average. Here are a few things I have experienced and others in my circle have experienced once they started to make a lot of money.

You Become A Bank

When you are making more money than your counterparts and family, people will begin to see you as their means of living. Your friend wants to go on a trip with you? Well, you’re rich so you should be able to pay for yourself and your friend. Your parents want to renovate their basement? You’re making a lot of money so you should have no problem paying the majority of it.

What you will also find is that you will be brought into pity parties where people you know will try to make you guilty about their financial situations (which most of the time is their fault) in order for you to lend or give away some of your money to them. Learn how to say no. It’s like giving a druggie money because he claims he needs it to live. 

You will also begin to see a ton of freeloaders try to hang around you. They want to ride your wave and get the most out of you while they have you in their presence. These people can be friends and family. Do not think either of those categories will not do these things. They will. I promise.

You Get More Attractive

This is a pretty funny one because it shows you how humans really are! You could be the most average looking girl or guy but as soon as someone finds out that you have money, you somehow psychologically become more attractive. It sounds messed up but it makes sense. At the end of the day, whether you are a male or female, we desire security and that is found in the wealthy. Bills get paid, you are always fed, you are secure. 

Be aware of this because people you may be dating will seem genuine but deep down, they are there because of the security and the luxurious life they can have with you. Test it out. Tell them you just lost 90% of your income. Give it a week and see if their still there with you.

Family And Friends Ostracize You

Yes, some secure friends and family will praise you for your successes but those insecure ones will shun you from their social group. When you are poor or just average like those around you, you are a cool cat. The moment you desire more than what you have, you will be looked at as someone who thinks they are better than them, even though your only focus is bettering yourself.

You will notice that you are the butt of subtle jokes about your goals and ambitions. When you are stressed or sad, they won’t care because you are not allowed to complain about anything, ever. Why? Because you’re rich! Remember? You aren’t human apparently.

Even if they think they mean no harm, disassociate yourself with them immediately. Blood or not. If they stick around, they will harm you in a plethora of ways as you get higher and higher in your goals and achievements. Stay clear. 

People See Themselves As Subordinates

To add to the last point, people will either be cruel to you or act shy and weird towards you because they see themselves as subordinate to you. These people tend to see themselves as average people who will have an average life. They usually worked hard in school and now are working an average job and they are jealous of what you are accomplishing or hoping to accomplish. 

Unlike us, who are not impressed or jealous of people who make millions of dollars (because we will or are doing the same thing), these people think that the higher the net worth or salary, the closer you are to a god status. This sounds like a nice feeling, but it is truly unpleasant and the cause of constant awkwardness, especially when those who manage you at your current job see you as that as well.

Being wealthy or making a lot of money has its pros and cons. I have outlined a few of the social cons because too often wealth is seen as euphoria, but it is not at all times. Be willing to build your wall between you and others but also be kind. A lot of the ways people react towards those who make money is psychological. Once you know this, you will expect anything and everything. 

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.


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