“Did we plan on being billionaires? No, but we wanted to be millionaires.” – Diane Hendricks

Welcome back to Wealthy Fools!

Many of us are working towards something that we never had. Some are working towards a particular income, position in a job, and sometimes a net worth.

Majority of us on this site want to become millionaires but some of us want to be billionaires. 

Are there some things that we could do to get the mindset of a billionaire? Most definitely. At the end of the day, the way you think is the most crucial aspect to bringing anything you want to fruition.

Here are  6 ways to develop a billionaire mindset.

Read Books By/About Billionaires

You cannot learn how to be a billionaire by listening to someone working for an employer. Most of the billionaires in this world are outside of our reach and therefore we are stuck to either reading books about billionaires or reading books by billionaires. 

Many billionaires have written books because they want others to be motivated but there are plenty of books written about billionaires as well. Warren Buffet has a ton of books written about and by him. Whoever has done what you wish to do, read about them. There may be some things that were pure luck but there are plenty of gems that you can get from these books.

Stop Watching TV

I urge you to stop watching television. If you are up to date with your favourite shows, you are falling behind. Billionaires don’t simply hate watching television, they are just extremely busy and don’t have the time to sit in front of a television and turn off their brains.

I am telling you right now, if you watch television for the majority of the day, you will never be rich. I promise you that.

Think Independently

Since birth, majority of us have been taught to take orders by others. School, home, and even the law all have taught us to think and do as we are told. You cannot be a leader if you are capable of only doing what you are told and thinking the way you are being told to think. Elon Musk thinks independently, Mark Zuckerberg thinks independently. That is how they are able to accomplish what they have.

Start taking accountability, make decisions, and stand by them. Learn that you are capable of doing things that may not be to the liking of others. If it works for you and doesn’t hurt anyone, do it and think it. Majority of this nation are sheep and zombies. They only do what the majority are doing. If there is a revolving door and a regular door, if everyone is going through the revolving, be the guy or girl who decides to leave the masses and go through the regular door.

Focus On Value Not Income

Money tends to be the usually motivation for working hard. Unfortunately, money becomes less important once you achieve it. It is more about finding value in your business to satisfy your customers and clients rather than making a quick buck.

If you are selling a product for $100 when the value of it is really worth $20, you will not be wealthy. It is better to sell a product worth $100 for $20 – you will always have customers. Focus on ensuring that your product or service is long-lasting or else you will be amongst the plethora of fads that passed.

Quality Relationships

This is one that a majority of people do not understand. You are valuable, therefore you should not be available to just anybody. Do not be confused, there is a difference between being cocky and knowing your worth.

You should not waste time with people who bring no value to your life. People who are always down about life or are pessimistic should not be around you – you will be like them even if you try not to.

Billionaires value their time and they would be damned to waste their time with people who have no ambition. This is just a fact of life. Every year I make an active decision to cut out the people in my life who add no value to my life. It does not matter how long I have known them for. If they are not growing while I am, they have to go.

You cannot be a billionaire in mindset being surrounded by poor minded individuals. Simple.


Billionaires are obsessed with their goals and put it in front of sometimes everything else in their lives. They talk about their goals, dream about their business, they spend nearly their entire day doing or thinking about something related to their business.

If you are not 100% devoted to your business, you will be capable of giving up easily. There have been times where I could have taken various losses. Because I am passionate and obsessed with what I want, I could not and will not lose. Even a loss to me is a win.

If you are not obsessed, you aren’t going to be successful. Average people will try to make fun of you for being too “serious” about your life and not wasting time partying all the time and living in the moment but they will be the ones playing catch up in the future while you are trying to catch up on the most recent auction selling $10 million fine art!

Billionaires are not that hard to emulate. It is just a matter of watching them and actively learning about what they did to get to their position. Becoming a millionaire is extremely easy. I swear to that.

Becoming a billionaire is on another level – a level that you can achieve in this day and age without cheat codes. Study billionaires and take action. You’ll get there.

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.


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