“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” – Hal Borland

2017 is coming to a conclusion and what do you have to show for it? What have you learned? Experienced?

That is something we all should evaluate before the year ends in order to level up in the coming year. 

There is something else that we must agree with before 2018 begins in a couple days – that there are a few things we should leave in 2017. You may have your own list, but I would like to share a few of importance

Without further ado, here are the five habits (of hundreds) we must leave in 2017.

People Pleasing/Yes-Man Syndrome

Since we first entered the educational system (be it private or public) and started working for someone, we had been engrained with the belief that your master is your teacher or manager. And that whatever he or she wanted came before your own needs. If you interpret a reading a particular way in your English class and your teacher does not share that same interpretation, it is incorrect. If you know that you need some time off of work, if your manager doesn’t like you, you may get that request denied for a falsified reason. 

Due to that, many of us aim to please those in higher positions in order to achieve what we want. This is equivalent to the master and the slave. The only difference is that you feel like you have freedom still (this is one of the reasons why I solely work for myself, no manager, no master. If I want to go to Cancun tomorrow, the only determinant of that is my bank account, not some other external person). This behaviour then spills over into our relationships with our peers. Of course you want to be liked, but that does not mean one must accommodate others by hiding who you really are or your opinions. This will be detrimental for your entire life. People-pleasers WILL get used and abused and will continue to until they decide not to be. 

Not Taking Yourself Seriously

Do you have a friend who says statements like “you know me, I’m dumb sometimes”? Better yet, are you that person? Statements like these are not for individuals who are ambitious and plan on being successful. If you do not take yourself seriously, nobody will. Just because people are nice to you, that does not mean they take you seriously. To keep it frank, there are a plethora of people to whom I am respectful to only because of formalities. If they do not take themselves seriously, I should not take them seriously either.  

If you plan on having a better year in 2018, start from now to take yourself seriously. Don’t become unjustly arrogant or anything of that sort, but start to see your worth. Stand with your head up, shoulders back, and eyes stern. One thing that instantly tells me that someone has low self-esteem is when they walk with their head down out of habit. Cease that habit. Read a few books on confidence and get your life together. If you can breath and you have all of your limbs, you have no reason to hold your head down. There are people who have missing limbs and are on their last breath and are more confident than others who have everything they do not. Do not be one of them.

Keeping Toxic Relationships

This is a major one that should have been executed throughout 2017. Let me keep it simple, and please interpret it as such. 

If Anyone (Family or Friend) In Your Life Breathes A Negative Comment About You Or Your Goals And Ambitions, Drop Him OR Her Immediately. 

Thank me later. 

Thinking Short-Term

Take note of those around you who partied, drank, and played video games for the majority of 2017. These people will be doing the same thing in 2018. What YOU, as an individual striving for greatness wants, is to never be the same person for two years straight. You want to be continually evolving. You can always learn more and experience more. Every year should be one of development within yourself that opens your eyes a little bit more. That does not mean you must completely lose yourself. It means that you should become more wise, intellectual, passionate, and patient than you were the year before.

One unattractive trait to a man or woman is an individual who is mature in age but childish in behaviour. If an adult cannot have conversations of substance with you, do not expect to make worthwhile relationships or connections. Keep the childish behaviour  for children. Think long-term in terms of what you do – not just one year but five years, ten years, even thirty years. Those who become great in wealth, success, happiness, and life did not think about just tomorrow. They thought about the future and worked their way back in order secure that future. 


This is a habit that every individual exhibits every so often. Sometimes it is warranted, but most of the time it is not. Excuses are synonymous with vulgarity in my eyes. Never make excuses in the presence of management, law makers, and most importantly, yourself. Kick the habit of making excuses and replace it with logical ways to ensure that whatever the issue may have been never presents itself again. This is called maturity. 

Our generation seems to thrive on staying away from maturity for as long as possible. Unfortunately, if it were possible to do so, you would not have bills in the mail – but you do. Therefore, take accountability for every decision that you make and the consequences of them, whether good or bad. One habit I like to do is whether or not I am in the wrong in a situation, if warranted, I will acknowledge my part in the situation. Not because I am a pushover, but because whether it is said or not, the individual who claims responsibility is more of a man/woman than the other party. You block opportunity for yourself if you behave as if your feces does not stink. A person who is unable to accept responsibly is accepting to be seen as childish and immature. 


Grab a glass of Veuve and cheers to a successful 2017 and another successful year in 2018.

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.


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