“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine

As we get older, the decisions we make tend to have a major impact on the rest of our lives in various ways. One aspect of decisions that affect many lives is whether to stay in ones place of birth or explore the world and find opportunity elsewhere. 

There are plenty of successful people who only became successful once they left their home country and took a life-altering risk. But this isn’t even about financial success, this is about life. Many of us have parents who came to Canada as immigrants from a poorer country and went straight into work so they probably do not understand the concept of leaving a wealthy country, traveling the world and experiencing it, and building a life somewhere far from where you were born. 

Personally, I have been considering moving from Canada to another country for a little while after I fell in love with it during a weeks stay. Doors have closed and others have opened miraculously…and I do mean miraculously. I always preach about taking the opportunities in front of you and when the universe provides you with something, take it as a sign to act on it. 

It is a scary thing to think about leaving your home country. I for one have plenty of leverage over here in Canada, compared to where I want to go. But I believe in myself and I spoke to God to provide me signs…and he has. I can talk to family and friends all I want, but at the end of the day, they may have bias and their own intentions. The voice you should listen is your own reason and logic. Emotion will have some significance in your decision, which isn’t wrong because it isn’t all about “money, money, money” – it’s about “happiness, freedom, and wealth”. A fool is someone who thinks he is happy but can’t pay his bills. So of course I am going to move with intention. I will be working and I will be subsequently looking for a career as well. I can always come back. But at this young age of 22, I should be exploring my options globally, not in the small country of Canada. 

What are your opinions on immigrating/emigrating to another country?

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