“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn

Yesterday, I was driving around and I noticed a car accident on the road. A few individuals who were driving stopped to take pictures and to watch – I was not one of them.

Later in the day, I happened to pass a man who parked up near a fenced piece of land that was occupied by the beginning structures of a condominium. I knew this because the company name of the developers were attached to the fence.

Back to the man. He was standing next to the drivers door and he was taking pictures of the current status of the building structure. All of this was noticed in a matter of seconds.

As I passed this man, I thought about the drivers who were taking pictures of the accident and the differences between them.

It is crazy how many of us have the same 24 hours in the day but we are all focused on different things. While one group of people are focused on finding pleasure in a car accident, this man who looks in his late thirties, early forties, is looking at the development of an investment he must have made on that property.

The moral of this story is that you must have a focus and keep from derailment. Others around you may be focused on going left while you know you should be going right. Unless all of your friends are millionaires or are on their way to it, you should probably be going the opposite direction. Do not be afraid of taking the less popular path.

If you stick to it, you may be that person taking pictures of real estate that you own rather than taking pictures of accidents, searching for excitement in your mundane life. 

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.


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