Vesper Lynd: You love me?

James Bond: Enough to travel the world with you until one of us has to take an honest job… which I think is going to have to be you, because I have no idea what an honest job is.

Hi WF Family,

Potentially (depending on my Visa), moving to London makes me enthusiastic about travelling Europe, writing and reading in cafes, living leisurely – but these things do not come as close to how I feel about being able to invest in the FTSE 100 directly. 

The Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index, also called the FTSE 100 Index, is a share index of the 100 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange with the highest market capitalization. You may recognize some of the companies listed on this index. Does Rolls-Royce Holdings (LSE: RR.L) ring a bell? What about Vodafone Group (LSE: VOD.L)? I know you have heard of the classic luxury brand, Burberry (LSE: BURBY).

These are just a few commercial names out of the dozens of companies available to invest in within this particular market.

As a Canadian investor, I am used to investing in the TSX and American markets. For me, the London Stock Exchange is a market I have not left my mark in yet.

While being an international traveller, I think it is important to invest globally. Of course one could invest in forex, but to directly invest in the companies around the globe that we all love and respect (and even more importantly, make money from), is something that many wish for but never achieve.

For the next month, I plan on doing extensive research on the European markets and will begin my pursuit to further invest in another continent while I live there.

Have you ever wanted to be the James Bond of investing?

I don’t mind taking up that task!

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.


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