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Starting this month, once every other month, I will highlight a stock that I think has long-term or short-term potential. As you will read on the disclaimer at the bottom of this post, I am not a professional, so my opinions are just that, opinions. To be fair, if I am personally invested in the company at the time of the post, I will indicate so with a ” * ” symbol next to the ticker name. 

Park Lawn Corp. (TSX:PLC)*

Park Lawn Corp. is the largest and only publicly traded Canadian-owned funeral, cremation and cemetery provider and is the fastest growing company in the industry in North America.  Since 2013, PLC has grown from 6 cemetery properties in Toronto, Ontario to a diverse portfolio of 144 properties and businesses operating across Canada and the US.

This is as boring a  company that any strategic long-term investor would hold. I’ve read many books and majority of them will tell you that the best companies to invest in are the ones simple to comprehend.

Park Lawn, in simple terms, is focused on consolidation and acquisitions in Canada and the US. This company owns no debt and it seems like the management is focused on acquisitions until they can finally let the ball roll, quickly. Naturally, their business will flourish for the short-term due to baby boomers and other aging demographics.

The stock currently trading at $27.06 per share. Do I think this is an expensive stock? As long as the management stays on track and doesn’t change it’s current goal of acquisitions and low to no debt, the answer is no. If you were to check their maximum chart since their IPO, overall, they have that beautiful upward slope. This to me is very attractive. It also has a conservative dividend of 1.69%, but even as a dividend investor, I would rather them reinvest that payout back into their acquisitions – but of course, they may need to grab those investors!

Anyhow, I give this stock a long-term hold. It may dip every so often, but I expect there to be significant returns for the next few quarters! Treat this one like a plant. Lay the foundation, let it grow, don’t pluck it the second you see fruit, let it multiply.

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