“Be Fearful when others are Greedy and Greedy when others are Fearful.” – Warren Buffett

Welcome back WF Family.

With the market in a decline for the past few days, the test of endurance has just begun. Global trade concerns, interest rates, and so much more are contributing to the quick selloff  of a lot of the favourite hot speculative stocks on the market.

This is when the short-term buyers may begin to look for the safety net of boring dividend stocks or just pull the plug entirely. You may be in the same boat but considering whether to sell some of your shares in companies that you have held on to, just to stay away from the deep end.

In some cases, that will be a good decision. In others, not so much.

I, to this day, still struggle with that on a weekly basis. It is just a matter of training yourself to overpower your natural inclination to survive. We have a bigger game plant to live. Surviving has already been put into place by the curated companies we have chosen to invest in. If you have put in the due diligence of screening different companies that fit your long-term investment goals, do not be tempted by the devil on your shoulder to sell! Look what I missed out on.

Great companies will always outlast the hot trendy ones that don’t have much fundamentals. Do you see many people still playing with Bop-Its? But it did have it time right?

Now how many people still use Apple products? See where I’m going?

The companies that have a long-term plan and are ahead of its time will survive the storm (unless they do something really foolish). There is a reason why we choose dividend stocks with great fundamentals – just for times like these!

Right now isn’t a time to sell, but rather a time to buy. If your shares have decreased in price, buy more. If there are stocks that you have wanted to buy for a while but knew they were too expensive at that time, buy them. This is the time when Christmas comes early. The only difference is that you don’t know what day Christmas starts and you won’t know when it ends.

So get shopping.

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.


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