“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”
— Mark Twain

Hi WF Family!

Yes, it may be a little early for Christmas lists, but this particular list is long overdue! The difference between this list and your usual Christmas list is that you can expect to be wealthy from them, compared to making the person you’d usually give your wish-list to poorer!

How often do we actually wish for things that make us money rather than make us spend money? Rarely, am’right?

Well, let’s go against the norm and make a wishlist for ourselves that is actually valuable to our Wealth Journey.

Here are three things I think you should add to your personal Christmas wish-list. 

1. Open A Direct Investing Account

‘What if I don’t know how to invest?’

Well you will get to that. The hardest part would have been already accomplished by just opening an account! Do you know how many people I have spoken to who have made it seem like they really cared about increasing their wealth but they have yet to open an investing account with their bank? I don’t know if it is pure laziness or just fear!

Understanding how to invest wisely and safely without extreme risk isn’t a hard task, to be completely honest. It just seems mystical because most people aren’t willing to learn and they assume you need to be some hotshot Wall Street guy to make any money. Replacing a pipe on your toilet isn’t impossible to do (thanks to Youtube), yet Plumbers have profitable careers!

Anyhow, opening an account is usually free and you for the most part don’t need to have a minimum balance. Although I loathe TD Bank, their investing platform is rather useful!

2. Read At Least Five Good Books on Investing in 2019

Another surprising thing that I have learned is how few books we read on things that actually matter to our lives! In terms of investing, there are good books with value and bad books that are being used as advertising for some other agenda. The good ones will help you understand what ‘investing’ is, and hopefully what investing style is good for you. 

Although five books in a year is a fairly low number, we all have to start somewhere.

Here are a few books that I personally recommend and live by:

  • The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham (if you want to understand what got Billionaire Warren Buffett on the right track)
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki (necessary if you would like to change your poor habits and replace them with wealth building habits)
  • Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill (if you want to understand the habits of the wealthy and how to emulate their way of thinking to match or surpass their level of greatness)
  • One Up On Wall-Street – Peter Lynch (Lynch perfectly outlines how the market works, how the regular investor has the advantage over Wall Street, and why you should listen to your wife when it comes to choosing what companies to invest in)
  • 50 Rules for 50 Fools – Jahnome McEwan ( if you really want to understand the definition of ‘invest in yourself’. Also, if you are a young adult who needs to understand how easy it is to maximize your situation and change your lifestyle from broke to RICH!) ***SHAMELESS PLUG***

3. Get An Accountability Friend

It is easy to slack off when it comes to achieving your goals when there is no one holding you accountable. It is not that easy when you have a partner who is right behind you making sure you aren’t making dumb decisions, but also praising you when you make the right ones.

If you don’t have a signifiant other, look for a trustworthy friend who you can rely on to make sure you aren’t blowing that money you should be putting towards your savings for a keg for your friends birthday!

Look for someone who perchance is good with their own finances or is simply willing to help you achieve your goals and be a nag when they need to be about your progress.

Of course you could lie to them if you are slacking off but don’t want to tell  them, but that wouldn’t make you a good friend, now would it?

Find someone to be your Accountability Friend and make sure they want you to be financially free as much as you do.

Let this be the first wish-list that aides in you achieving your greatness, rather than slowing it down. Stop making the rich richer by succumbing to the consumerism that works hand in hand with them, and start taking a piece of the ginormous pie that you know belongs to you.

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.


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