The oppressed, having internalized the image of the oppressor and adopted his guidelines, are fearful of freedom. – Paulo Freire 

Do you know anyone who when you tell them your ideas, tells you every reason why it can go wrong? If you tell them that you want to start a business in anything, they’ll tell you it’ll be impossible to find funding or that you’ll need to have a regular job to be able to sustain yourself? Or that you won’t get lucky because so many others have tried businesses and failed?

Well, these people live in fear and are trying to infect you as well. They think because they gave up on their goals (if they have any), that you should too. One thing I have learned in my shirt 23 years on Earth is that people like people who are like them. If you hate your job and someone else does too, you’ll probably bond just because of that. If you’re broke and a work colleague says “me too!”, it becomes a celebratory thing. If someone says that they aren’t actually broke and are saving and investing, they’ll most likely be shunned by the majority not doing that. Weird how people act.

This is why it is imperative to be around people who are like-minded. Some people think that the wealthy, for example, mingle with other wealthy people only because they are disgusted by those who are “without”. That is untrue!

The fact of the matter is that those who “have” are judged by those “without” for how they got their money. Most assume it is illegal or attained in other immoral ways. This can bring down a guy or girl trying to build themselves up financially.

If you are the one in your group of friends who has large aspirations but the ones around you are idle complainers, do not tell them your plans. Their fear of the unknown will try to recruit you into their club. They want you to be just as fearful as they are. Because who do you think you are for trying to be successful? Others aren’t so why do you think you are more likely of success? Get off your high horse, right?

These people may not only be friends, but family. In the past, security used to be the goal for immigrants entering a new country. Now, their kids who are more educated and have access to more may be fortunate to understand that the goal of life should be freedom, not security. Ask any retiring worker if it was worth working until 65 for a pension that can’t even afford them a trip to Mexico after expenses and bills are paid.

So please, if there is anyone in your circle who is  frightened and attempts to deter you of anything that requires hard work or any form of risk but will lead you to freedom, run away from them. Friend or family. You didn’t have any say in where you were born, but you have all the say in where you end up.

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.


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