“I love to sit down and have a conversation with like-minded people.” – Russ

For years, I have tried to encourage the young and the old to learn about investing, personal finance, saving, and focusing on their passions and skills. I even wrote a book on it back in 2016 based on the knowledge I had at that adolescent time. What I have found is that while there are many people who are open-minded and willing to look into themselves, there are also those who are so critical and judgemental that they show their terrible hand of cards without them being asked to.

Have you ever considered why there are those who are easily jealous of others while there are those who do not have a jealous bone in their body? Where does that jealousy come from? Where does that hatred come from? It is even harder to sometimes comprehend it when you are not the one bringing in that negative energy in the first place.

In my opinion, it is based on your light. Let me explain.

When you are completely confident in yourself and what you can and will achieve, nothing that others do can really knock you down. But when you are insecure with yourself and are looking to others for validation, you are as fragile as a new born baby.

Let me put it another way. Do you think that Kobe Bryant cares or is jealous about the success of Lebron James? Do you think that Jeff Bezos of Amazon gets mad when he sees Bill Gates in the news about his new net worth? The answer to both of those questions is no. Why?

Because when your light is so bright, another persons light can not blind you. But if your light isn’t even on, anyone’s light can be of a nuisance to you. I am very confident in what I am doing and what my future looks like, so you will never catch me being jealous about what someone else has achieved. As a matter of fact, if I see someone who has achieved something that I have not, instinctively, I think ‘what does he/she know that could be valuable to me?’ Not, ‘who does that person think they are? They must do illegal things or have connections they don’t even talk about’.

The former is someone whose light is so bright that they can walk up to another bright light and not be blinded. The latter is of someone who does not even care to try to turn on their light. When you behave like the latter, you keep your potential in this world to a minimum. You become part of what is wrong with the world: the preference for criticism rather than knowledge and understanding.

Winners are not insulted by others winning. That is what losers do. 

For this reason, I now stay in my own small circle of bright lights. It is not selfish, it keeps me alive. It is mentally draining to try and turn the lights on for people who would rather stay in the dark. So I will stay in my figurative house with large windows that allow the sun to kiss my skin and invite those who knock on my door to enjoy the view. The rest who would rather stay in their small closet can enjoy their tight space. There is no room for me there.

There are various levels of brightness. Naturally, we aim to be around those whose watts are the same as our for comfortability. But what if you purposefully tried to be around those whose light may at that time be brighter than yours?

So I ask you, how bright is your light?

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.


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