“If they’re not on the same mental level as you, they have no business knowing the billion dollar ideas going on in your head.” – Jahnome McEwan

When you are excited about your plans and goals, you naturally will want to share it with those you are close with. What you will unfortunately find is that 10% of them will have some meaningful encouragement, while 90% of them will put their negative outlook on life into what you want to achieve.

Let’s just keep it real, most people think you are sane if you stay in your ‘safety in the paycheck’ job. They think that wanting to create your own income instead of having that safe haven job with benefits is insane. Well let me tell you something, those will be the same people that will either ask you how you did it when you are successful in your endeavors or they will ask you if you want to go out to lunch, on you.

Not everyone deserves to know about what you have planned to do. It is crazy to think that they believe that by you telling them about your dreams and goals, you are intentionally asking them for their opinion! How crazy! That’s the role of your mentors, not Jimmy Joe that you work with.

The way I see it is that if they aren’t as ambitious as you or are in the same mindset as you, they have no business knowing what your plans are. See your plans like the biggest concert in the world. The fans have no business being in the stadium when the mechanics and the builders are creating the stage. They don’t have the slightest idea of how to assist in that. As a matter of fact, if you let them into the stadium while the stage is being built, they may feel like they could help set it up or that the builders are doing it wrong. They could mess up the chance of there even being a performance!

Instead, keep the fans outside until you have properly set up the stage, sound check is complete, you have rehearsed all the songs, and security is around every door. Then and only then can they go through checked security and be given their designated seat. Most people cannot believe in something until they see it completed. Coincidentally, most people are also in fear of change and risk, so treat them accordingly.

When those simple minded people ask you what you are doing, just tell them you’re working on ‘you’ and doing a little this and that. Keep it short and sweet, then change the subject. You’re not lying to them. You’re just ensuring not to disrupt their comfort bubble. They don’t want to know that you are checking off goal by goal, living your life to the fullest, and are in complete bliss. This would make them feel insecure and start questioning their own level of happiness. Not everyone can comprehend the concept of financial independence, nor can they comprehend the idea of being completely free. You don’t tell a child that Santa doesn’t exist because you want them to enjoy the fantasy world that they are in while they still can be. Let the people who are around you enjoy their fantasy world while you build an empire right in front of their eyes. Guard your goals, guard your mind, and guard your peace. Do not be afraid to cut people loose. I cut bad people out of my life like it is my job and I get paid by commission only! Nothing comes between me and my happiness! This is the time in my life to be selfish, sorry!

I am just like you. I get excited to share with people my goals because I like to inspire but I also like to share the joy. But when you talk with X, Y, and Z and they tell you every reason why your ambitions may fail, just remember that they think that your goals can fail because they lack ambition and they don’t even have the slightest clue about what they will be doing next week. It takes a really sad person to enter negativity into your life when you share a dream. That is not what happy and successful people do. Run away from these people!

You wouldn’t share with just anyone where you store your gold, so if your dreams and goals are more precious than gold, make sure that you treat them like they should be treated.

Until next time,

Live Long and Prosperous.


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